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He was born in Erzincan in 1964. He moved to different cities during his education and working life and has settled down in İstanbul since 2002. He follows a multidisciplinary approach, using different media which he believes is necessary at the stage of producing his thoughts.


His demeanor is determined by the events from his own life, experienced events and social norms that are personalized, politicized, abstracted from time to time, made erotic and/ or sarcastic; weaving into them metaphors and/ or surreal elements. Figures, spaces and objects are made inconsistent by means of a specific perception that defies logic; at the same time, the artist seeks to create a condition or game of irrelevance.


He works for Arkın Unıversity of Creative Arts and Design in Kyrenia and at the same time lectures at Yeditepe University in İstanbul.


The foci of Turan Aksoy’s work from the 2000s takes up the projects of neoliberal politics that shape virtually every area of our daily lives, Neoliberalism’s reduction of the distance between individual and communal life as well as the ability to objectively view this effect. In line with this, the artist has produced number of solo exhibitions, including; “The Waiting Unit” (2007 Roxy Event Center), “The Glowing Thing” (2010), “Dust and Rush” (2011) and “A Portrait; Restless (2013 Pi Art Works), “A Governable Paradise” (2015 Milli Reasürans Gallery), “Hayali” (2017 Art Rooms Gallery).

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